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GF Commodities will pay your business for your used vegetable oil. There is no denying the importance of vegetable oil recycling and the role it plays in environmental responsibility. This is especially the case when you consider the fact that commercial kitchens and food processing plants produce a vast quantity of fats and grease on a daily basis.

These substances need to be disposed of correctly to ensure that environmental regulations are adhered to.

But you might be stuck asking, “Where can I find cooking oil recycling companies near me?”

Choose GF Commodities to Help You Recycle Yellow Grease

As a nationwide buyer of used vegetable oils, yellow grease, choice white grease, and other used cooking oils, we have the ability to take these products off your hands. We will sell them to other industries that will use them. This will ensure that you do not need to worry about disposing of your UCOs.

You can be certain that your used tallow and soybean oil is going to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner so that you can have complete peace of mind. Just give us a call if you would like more information on our service.

Why Should You Recycle Yellow Grease?

Choice white grease recycling and used vegetable oil recycling is important because oils poured down the drain or disposed of improperly will end up in our waterways. When this happens, it becomes an environmental risk. It can clog up sewer systems and block drains, and affect water treatment facilities.

This can have a domino effect, causing bigger issues. Instead, used cooking oils can be recycled into various secondary products. Used cooking oils collected and repurposed are actually on the leading edge of the “upcycling” movement.

A good example of this is biodiesel, a clean-burning fuel alternative, which companies can use instead of petroleum diesel. By having your yellow grease, brown grease, or choice white grease turned into this product, you are helping to lower carbon footprints in the transport sector as well as lowering reliance on petroleum products.

Vegetable oil collection and recycling, along with other UCOs, is at the forefront of the green movement. Start your UCO recycling program today by getting in contact with GF Commodities!

Animal fat by-product can be used in a variety of ways including:


Animal feed




Some Soaps




Multiple uses in oleochemical industries

What Will Happen When Yellow Grease Is Recycled?

When yellow grease is recycled, it will first be collected from your on-site storage bins. After this, it is sent to a processing facility. At this facility, the oil will be filtered into big storage tanks.

These tanks will treat the oil so that it can be converted into a number of different products. Aside from biofuel, other products waste oils can be converted into include industrial lubricants, paints, soap, detergent, and animal feed products.

What To Expect From The Service That We Provide At Gf Commodities

When you choose GF Commodities for your UCO recycling requirements, you can be sure that you will receive 100 percent of the in-spec weight of your products. If a trailer is 98 percent or higher oil content, you will get 100 percent of the trailer content, rather than only getting 98 percent. This ensures that you always get as much value as possible when you use our service to recycle used cooking oil. You can use this money to reinvest in your business and move your company forward.

There are a number of other benefits that are associated with using our service too. You will receive weekly payments, which are delivered quickly, as well as accurate product testing data. The best part? We never charge service fees.

Unlike other buyers, we pride ourselves on being transparent about the service that we provide. We will never charge you for our service, which is something that a lot of buyers in the industry do today. We also will not charge you for the transport of fully loaded trailers of in-spec products.

Instead, when it comes to the price of your products, you will get an indexed price, which is simple, singular, and all-inclusive. You will know exactly what you are going to get with no surprise deductions later down the line.

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