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When selling UCOs, it is important to team up with a buyer who delivers excellent customer service, flexible scheduling, helps increase profitability for your company, and has a focus on environmental sustainability. At GF Commodities, we check all of these boxes and want to make selling your used cooking oils as easy as possible.

What You Need to Know About
Selling UCOs and Yellow Grease

The UCOs that we encounter is referred to as yellow grease. Yellow grease is the product produced from the recycling of used cooking oil (also known as UCO). The used cooking oil and yellow grease that we collect from the food processing industries comes from vegetable oils such as soybean oil, corn oil, and canola oil.

Yellow grease can be used to create biodiesel fuel. Biofuels that have been created from yellow grease burn cleaner than other types of fuel, have a lower carbon content, and produce absolutely no carbon monoxide and can sometimes be used to produce power and heat.

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Recycled yellow grease can also be used in:
Livestock feed | Soap | Cosmetics | Detergents | Rubber |Some types of clothing

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