GF Commodities: Nationwide Buyer of Yellow Grease and Used Cooking Oil

What do you do with used vegetable oils? Do you have used cooking fats that you need or want to sell? Welcome to GF Commodities, the best place to get paid for used vegetable oils, yellow grease, brown grease, and animal fats. At GF Commodities, we are buying everything from used soybean oil and choice white grease to animal fats and tallow. When we buy from you, we provide a fair price and guarantee a solution that every client can trust. 

No matter where you are in America, we welcome you to call us about any yellow, brown, or choice white grease and animal fats that you have available for purchase. 

Get Rid Of Unwanted Used Cooking Oil and Grease Today

We pay our customers for 100% of the in-spec weight of their products. If a trailer is 98% or higher oil content, you get paid for 100% of the trailer content, not 98%.

Whether you are running a large food processing plant or a commercial kitchen, you could be producing a massive amount of grease and fats that need to be disposed of safely. It is crucial that you maintain environmental regulations and keep your business green. But did you know you can profit from the sale of these materials?

You can! We’ll buy these products from you and provide you a competitive value for any materials that you sell. These materials can be recycled and used for a wide range of purposes – both benefiting the environment and improving the reputation of your business. 

At GF Commodities, we share your goals. We want to keep your business green while making sure that you can find a new source of income to increase the profitability of your business.

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    Products We Purchase


    Used cooking oils (UCO)
    Soybean oil
    Corn oil
    Canola oil
    Other Vegetable oils

    Choice white grease (CWG)
    Poultry fats
    Yellow grease

    Brown grease
    DAF grease
    Edible or inedible oils and greases

    Who Buys Yellow Grease?

    You may not have heard of this service before. Despite its secrecy, the industry we’re part of is booming and over 1,000 businesses across the country engage in this practice. So, why should you choose to work with GF Commodities?

    Since we’re a smaller business than others in the market, we know the value of building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to provide a better level of customer service while maintaining integrity and honesty in every transaction. We want to be your yellow grease buyer well into the future.

    We’re more than a buyer, though. We work to be nothing short of the best you can find on the market. Pouring used vegetable oil down the drain is no different than pouring money down the drain, after all.

    Big Benefits to Your Bottom Line

    Most companies you’ll find in this industry will undercut you on the price that they pay for your by-products. We don’t do this. When we buy, we pay our customers 100% of the product weight when in specification and can give you the best value for out of spec materials.

    There are no hidden services fees either or chargebacks for transportation. Ultimately, you get the price you want without needing to pay for any extras.

    We’re completely transparent and strive to provide a singular, all-inclusive price structure for your products. This is what separates us from the rest of the businesses out there.

    36 states and Canada

    Facility visits and pickups are always available.
    Let us help increase your value.

    What Happens To Your Oils?

    Do you want to ensure that you are contributing to an environmentally friendly solution? The oils and fats that we buy are sold off to biodiesel companies, choice white grease companies, and  animal feed and pet feed market. When you choose our service, you’ll be part of a far larger recycling system where the level of waste from your business is greatly reduced. 

    Contact us today and discover how you can make more from these unwanted materials and earn more for your business.

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